3 Ester

3 Ester is an innovative technology, combines with selection of high quality base oils, coupled with latest developed additives package and viscosity improvers, gives an excellent synergy dedicated to offer high performance racing oil, durable gear oil and transmission fluid.


3 Ester provides more POWER and TORQUE by reduce internal friction causing rapid increase in engine rpm and decrease in noise & vibration; high PERFORMANCE originate from high temperature resistance and pressure stability; better PROTECTION by maximise adherence of the oil film; low oil CONSUMPTION derive from low volatility and quick COLD START due to good fluidity and lubricity.


3 Ester provides new exceptional performances satisfying your personal needs especially motor sport and race competition.

Mini 3 Ester

Mini 3 Ester is another development from 3 Ester technologies to produce lubes with selected features ensuring a favourable power output of the engine without compromising the reliability and wear at the best values for money.


It gives an average power or torque increase of 1-3% compare to 100% synthetic lubricants. The other benefits are reduce in noise & vibration; improve in fuel energy saving per litre (kw/litre), extend on oil drains intervals and comfort in driving experience.


Mini 3 Ester offers full lines of featured characteristics lubes applied for 2 wheels motorcycles, 4 wheels passenger cars, commercial vehicles, ship vessels and equipment & machineries.

Power Gels

Power Gels are formulated using state-of- the-art additives combining of agents with acceleration-enhancing, cleaning, dispersing and many others material-protecting properties.


Fuel Gel contains concentrated detergents that dissolve harmful carbon, gum, and varnish deposits from combustion chamber, injectors, valves and fuel system. Without cleaning the fuel system, deposits can led to hard starts, lost acceleration and rough idling.


Oil Gel contains cleaning fluids that dissolve the engine interior of troublesome deposits such as sludge and lacquer formers. All types of oil-soluble and oil-insoluble residues are brought into suspension and removed during the oil change.

Nano A-Z

Nano A-Z additives work on nanotribology and act like supplement booster to enhance performance in various areas.


It is formulated using latest technology additives combining of concentrated agents with required specific properties for various applications.


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