Dyno Test on CODAN Lubes


Dyno Test on CODAN Lubes





About This Project


  • BWM 335i turbo charged engine with maximum power of 302hp and maximum torque of 40kg-m
  • Stock lube was the Italy racing oil (light blue)
  • Filled with 8 bottles of CODAN SAE 5w40 SM C3 (dark blue) and SAE 5w45 SM C3 (red)
  • Power has raise to 355.8hp, 18% increased
  • Torque has raise to 42.4kg-m, 6% increased
  • Brand new Yamaha scooter was put on Dyno test but fixed the engine rpm
  • Stock lube was Yamaha racing oil (red)
  • CODAN SAE 5w55 SM MB was tested (blue)
  • Power and torque have showed increase even the engine rpm was fixed; it explains the performance of CODAN lube.